Mission Statement

To foster a culture of giving that amplifies our collective strength, inspiring generations of Members
to make Ocean Reef and our surrounding Communities a better place.

The abiding spirit of charity, and a desire to maximize the impact of giving, motivated Ocean Reef members to establish the Ocean Reef Community Foundation in 1994 just after taking ownership of the Club. The Foundation’s charge is two-fold: to enable Ocean Reef residents to achieve their individual philanthropic goals wherever they may be focused, and to lead and support effective efforts to improve the quality of life both at Ocean Reef and in surrounding areas.

Perhaps it is the wonderful quality of life at Ocean Reef that has inspired those who enjoy it to share their good fortune since its very beginnings.  The generosity of many individuals has, in fact, been instrumental in building the very heart of our community. Our Academy, Chapel, Cultural Center, Medical Center and more are all achievements of our residents’ own philanthropic efforts. Not to mention Hank and Corrine Greenburg Park and the Dog Park, which were created through gifts to the Foundation.

In 2008, the Foundation joined together with the major charities of Ocean Reef to introduce the All Charities Auction, an innovative event that eliminated multiple fundraising auctions and enables members to consolidate their support for the entire community in a single weekend of festive events each year.  The response to this groundbreaking approach has been overwhelming, and the annual event continues to distinguish our community each February.

In addition to supporting Ocean Reef non-profits, the Foundation’s All Charities proceeds benefit our Community Grants program which funds dozens of worthy charities in the interest areas of Education, Youth, Health & Family Services and Community in the Upper Keys, Homestead and Florida City where the thousands employed at Ocean Reef live each spring.

The Foundation also enables members to create their own personal charitable giving funds, as well as special funds designated to address community concerns.  ORCF has distributed millions in Hurricane Irma and COVID-19 relief to neighboring areas in recent years and our numerous charitable funds have collectively granted nearly $145 million since we were established.

For almost 30 years the Foundation has continually responded to emerging needs with tailor made solutions to foster and facilitate meaningful philanthropy by the Ocean Reef Community.



The Ocean Reef Foundation is proud to be a member of the nationally recognized Council on Foundations. The Council on Foundations is a membership organization of more than 2,000 grant-making foundations and giving programs worldwide. The Council provides leadership expertise and networking opportunities, as well as other services to their members and the general public. The Ocean Reef Foundation has been a member in good standing since 2003. For more information on the Council on Foundations click here.

Florida Keys Funders Alliance was created by three of Monroe County’s long time, significant funders – Ocean Reef Community Foundation, United Way of the Florida Keys and the Community Foundation of the Florida Keys. FKFA is committed to collectively working with multiple funding organizations to make the most of available resources, and to better assist the non-profit organizations working so hard to improve the quality of life in the Florida Keys.

The Ocean Reef Foundation is also a proud member of the All Charities Partners of Ocean Reef, which include the Academy at Ocean Reef, Ocean Reef Art League, Ocean Reef Conservation Association, Ocean Reef Medical Center and most recently, ORCAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations, a community foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, autonomous, publicity supported, nonsectarian, philanthropic institution with a long-term goal of building permanent, named, component funds. These funds are established by many separate donors for the broad-based charitable benefit of the residents of a defined geographic area, typically no larger than a state.

Our primary role is to assist the Ocean Reef community by encouraging and administering philanthropy to benefit effective projects and charities throughout Ocean Reef and the surrounding area.

One: We make giving easy and effective, accepting a wide variety of gifts and providing donors the greatest flexibility. You can contribute cash, stocks, property, and bequests.  You may establish an Unrestricted, Field of Interest, Designated, or Donor Advised Fund in your name or in the name of a loved one.  Your gift will gain maximum tax advantage.

Two: Our staff has an in-depth understanding of the issues, opportunities, and resources that shape our community.  They monitor all areas of community need – including education, youth, community, arts & culture, health, and environment.  We can help you learn more about local agencies and programs that make a difference in areas you care about most.

Three: We invest in the long term and bring people and organizations together, convening diverse voices to address local issues and opportunities.  Our business is building community.