Over the years we have been fortunate to have wonderful success in our fundraising efforts through All Charities Weekend. From time to time, outside of our normal grants application process, we find a greater need in the surrounding communities that can have a notable impact on growth and positive development for Ocean Reef Club and surrounding areas. That is where our Special Projects funding enhances the community at large. Below are some examples. Call us at 305-367-4707 or email us for more information on Special Projects.

The College of the Florida Keys
The College of the Florida Keys is nearing completion on their Upper Keys campus at MM 106.4 bayside in Key Largo. Funded with the help of the Ocean Reef Community Foundation, the College will be a game changer for the Upper Keys community in terms of skilled workers and educational opportunities and will benefit the employee pool for the Ocean Reef Club as well.

The Baptist Health Helipad
ORCF also helped to fund The Baptist Health Helipad, along with The Medical Center Foundation and individual donors. The Helipad, a significant breakthrough for Ocean Reef Club urgent care, is the result of a four year joint project to ensure our members fast access to the best in healthcare at Baptist Hospital.

Greenberg Park
Greenberg Park was donated to ORCF by long-time equity members Hank and Corinne Greenberg with the desire to preserve open space through the creation of a bay view park available to the Ocean Reef community in perpetuity.

The Dog Park at Ocean Reef
The Dog Park at Ocean Reef came to be when a group of members set out to create a dedicated space for dogs to run off-leash. ORCF agreed to lease a piece of land to ORCA for a nominal fee when approached by the search committee and the Dog Park was born.