A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity which manages charitable donations on behalf
of an organization, family or individual. The donor establishes and replenishes the fund with donations of cash or assets, receives tax deductions in the year donated and continues to be actively involved in the fund’s charitable use by recommending gifts to charities of their choice anywhere in the United States, at their convenience.

Setting up your Ocean Reef Donor Advised Fund takes only a matter of minutes and is as simple as choosing a fund name and
providing the opening donation. To learn more, please visit the office in the Ocean Reef Business Center, call 305-367-4707 or email foundation@oceanreef.com with any questions or to request a copy of our Donor Advised Fund Handbook.


Donor Advised Fund Information

Benefits of Donor Advised Funds

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Some of the primary benefits of charitable giving through an Ocean Reef Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund include:

  • Instant, Low Minimum Start Up
  • No Fees or Costs to Maintain
  • Investment Option Available
  • Maximum Tax Advantage
  • Double Tax Benefit on Stock Donations
  • Uniquely Flexible Tax Solution
  • Simplicity & Convenience
  • Accountability & Stewardship
  • Expertise on Local Charities & Philanthropy
  • Help with Establishing Florida Residency
  • Recognition of the Ocean Reef Community

Donor Advised Fund vs Private Foundation

Some have already established a private or family foundation yet they still find a Donor Advised Fund a valuable philanthropic tool to utilize as part of their giving strategy. Still others are trying to decide between these two as opposing options. This information should help in determining the best approach for your objectives.

While an appropriate choice for many, disadvantages of private foundations include significant costs, lesser tax benefits, cumbersome administrative responsibilities and complicated annual tax filings and requirements. Such factors have driven a nationwide trend to establish Donor Advised Funds (DAF) instead of private foundations and to convert existing private foundation assets to DAFs.

Among Ocean Reef donors, the trend has been to establish a DAF to complement an ongoing private foundation. A key benefit of this arrangement is the option to donate private foundation funds into the DAF when not prepared to meet the annual distribution requirement at year end, enabling one to take the additional time needed to make informed granting decisions. Also, while private foundations must file a public tax record of assets and grants, some donors appreciate the fact that DAF size and grants are private.

Because Ocean Reef is a second home community, a lack of familiarity with the charities and connections to the philanthropic community in our surrounding areas can be a barrier to giving. With private foundations usually based in and focused on a “hometown” community, members often establish an ORCF DAF simply to take advantage of the Foundation’s expertise on local issues and organizations as they begin spending more of the year at Ocean Reef.

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