by Susan Bohan, Ocean Reef Art League Member

There are so many wonderful and deserving recipients of the All Charities largesse but only a few that directly affect the well being of every Member who uses its facilities.

The Art League feeds our creative side in different ways for different people.  There is the CEO who finally finds time to “play with paints” at the urging of his wife and finds his true passion; or the surgeon whose skill with detailed post-op drawings now morphs into beautiful charcoal sketches; a teacher who always comments she has no artistic talent discovers that first Nantucket Basket so fulfilling she creates one every year; there is a shy new member who finds sitting in a large group every Tuesday afternoon exchanging needlework techniques brings her the camaraderie and friendships she was hoping to find; and golfers who need to reduce their playing time are discovering the tactile enjoyment in woodworking. There are also 5 Book Club entries and numerous Off-site Excursions for those who crave the art of interpreting the written work or experiencing art in diverse settings.

The Art League also provides local, national and international artists opportunity to display and sell their work in the Gallery.  A Member may have a watercolor of the Point where his daughter married, an oil depicting the water lily passed every day or a sculpture of an exquisite animal from half a world away.  Beauty surrounds us here at the Ocean Reef Club so it is a treasure to re-affirm it every day through art.

While the Art League does charge fees for its many activities, they are woefully inadequate. Support from All Charities becomes the integral piece of the puzzle to attract world class talent, maintain the building, the classes, Art Shows, Trips and staff that make it happen.