By Jonathan Jenkins, Senior Vice President, Barton & Gray Mariners Club

Barton & Gray is in our 16th season, offering our members incredible, lasting memories throughout the Eastern Seaboard as well as in the Great Lakes of Illinois and Michigan.

Barton & Gray Hinckley boats range from 36’ – 44’ and are always captained, so you do not have to worry about anything. You simply show up with your family and friends and your captain has everything you asked him to provide on board. B&G always has towels for swimming, champagne, wine, beer, soda and waters on board with some light snacks. Your captain will provide at your request, fishing gear, paddle boards, snorkeling gear as well as inner tubes for towing kids and adults.

Barton & Gray takes away the need to find a slip or dry storage, costly and tough things to find at ORC.  Should you be fortunate enough to find the right boat and slip, you will most likely be interested in finding a captain to run your boat, a difficult task as they are generally booked up and unavailable for the season.

With a Barton & Gray membership, you will be able to book unlimited amounts of outings in all of our markets both in New England / New York, Washington, DC. Annapolis, MD. Chicago, IL. and Bay Harbor, MI. during the summer season (June 1st – October 15th) as well as down in Charleston, SC. (September 15th – June 15th) and all around Florida during the fall, winter and spring seasons (November 15th – May 1st) the only limit is how many reservations can be held on the calendar at the same time.

All Memberships start with a one time initiation fee of $20,000. Ocean Reef members receive a $3,000 initiation fee discount and a $2,000 fuel credit upon joining B&G.  Once you pay the initiation fee you are a member of Barton & Gray. Then you choose from four different membership types each with different annual dues.

One of the most common questions is about amount of use. You are not restricted to any amount of outings as they constantly renew, once you go out on a trip, you may book another all season / all year long. The only part that B&G restricts is the amount of reservations you may hold on the calendar at any one time.

Learn more about our different Membership options and home port locations by contacting Jonathan Jenkins, SVP Barton & Gray Mariners Club at (239) 227-8953.