By Gail Wheeler for the Medical Center

The Medical Center’s Mission Statement is to “Provide caring and professional medical services and health education to the Ocean Reef Community.” The Medical Center offers a variety of health care options all under one roof: something unique for any private community. The menu of services includes primary care by four seasoned board-certified practitioners, after hours response, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, expanded diagnostics, (MRI, CT, ultrasound, digital X-ray and bone densitometry), Private Medicine and Private Medicine Plus, Executive physicals, FitMed (a weight /lifestyle program), CoolSculpt and a Day Clinic. For the patient’s convenience a visiting specialist program was established many years ago; now offering 29 different specialties with over 42 physicians serving the various fields.

In addition to this comprehensive health care- there’s more….an important part of the Medical Center’s Mission Statement is “providing health education to the Ocean Reef Community”. Each year the “Medical Lecture Series” presents several lectures on cutting edge medical advancements from renown institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Bascom Palmer, Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai, Stanford University, Harvard University and more. The “Nights Out” series features one topic of medical interest geared for women and one topic for men and women.

Supporting Community Outreach

When faced with a debilitating disease, having a way to connect with others facing the same disease can be a lifeline for support and sharing of resources for new treatments, doctors and day to day management. Not only the patient, but caregivers frequently feel isolated and being a part of a support group can be an invaluable resource for information and connecting with others in the same situation.

On the second floor of the Medical Center, in the spacious conference room, various support groups can meet in private to share information about ways to manage and improve their health conditions.

The Vision Support Group, led by Dr. Luisa Bryan is one of these groups.

Dr. Bryan states, “We are a small group with a variety of vision conditions, encompassing everything from age- related macular degeneration, glaucoma to extremely dry eyes.  We share resources and experiences to help one another with the everyday struggles of low vision.”

If you would like further information on the Vision Support group, please contact Dr. Bryan at 367-4965 or email her at

The Parkinson’s Support Group meets several times during the season.

Mr. Allen J. Krowe is the group leader and encourages anyone in the community who has Parkinson’s or is a Parkinson’s caretaker to attend the meetings.  He can be reached at

The Forget Me Not’s is a support group for caretakers. Not all caretakers are nurses or medically trained individuals and many times it is the spouse who is the full- time caretaker. This is a wonderful group that also shares resources and gives one another support in their daily challenges. Mrs. Cynthia Weglarz is the group organizer and can be reached at 367-9483 or by email at

The Medical Center also supports the annual Sportsmen’s Blood Drive- a friendly competition where each person can designate their blood donation to a particular club. The winning club is the recipient of that years Sportsman Blood Drive pin.

COVID- 19 Response

Thanks to the advance planning by The Medical Center, the response to handling the pandemic was effective and organized. Community members were contacted in a timely manner to schedule their vaccine injections and many ORC members with medical backgrounds stepped up to volunteer administering the vaccine shots. Many thanks to the volunteers and to the Medical Center for the quick and effective response.

Your Medical Center, providing excellence in health care, health education and support in many ways.

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