by Yurianna Mikolay
Executive Director, Ocean Reef Community Foundation

The Link Online you’re reading now, introduced at the beginning of last season, has been a great addition to our member communications and the name is a play on that of our traditional annual newsletter The Link. While the e-Link provides ongoing updates and “breaking news” throughout the year, The Link offers a big-picture overview of each year of Foundation activity and is an enduring paper record of our complete transparency in sharing the details of exactly what happens with the community’s donations. Our various “links” are, of course, complemented by outreach events and extensive coverage in the Ocean Reef Press.

As our ORP ads this time of year proclaim, “Time and the IRS are not known for their flexibility … but we are.” The ads are about our Donor Advised Funds, which are fee-free and easy to open before yearend to ensure maximum tax advantage and give you all the time you need to decide how to best donate to charity later. Click here to learn more. But the overriding message is something that we pride ourselves on, providing flexibility and custom solutions – such as the All Charities Weekend — to meet the unique needs of the Ocean Reef Community.

From my own unique perspective, as one of just a few who have the day-to-day privilege of seeing the impact of the community’s generosity in our surrounding communities personally and in-depth, our newsletter represents an opportunity to share a bit of that pride and joy with those who make it possible. I especially hope you will take some time to read from the 18 pages of messages directly from our grant recipients about how the programs funded change lives.

Whether online, a newsletter or newspaper in hand, or in person at our Business Center office or a Charity Tour or event, we strive to deliver the information you want, the way you want it. Keep an eye out for Volume 17 of The Link, on its way to a mailbox near you.