By Deborah Geller, Board Member

Have you wondered about the Ocean Reef Art League? Maybe you are a regular and you already appreciate the experiences the Art League provides but in case you are wondering what it’s all about I can tell you that we believe you will be pleasantly surprised. I have no artistic ability and yet joining has been an absolute joy for myself the last few seasons.

I’m sure you’ve seen the lovely new blue paint job but that’s just the surface
of what’s going on. We are expanding programs, events, and shows this season
to include members of all ages and interests. Yes, even children’s programs!

We have some special events coming as well with visiting artists of all types. For
example, the well-known Moulthrops will be presenting a wood turning show this season featuring some of their finest works. You may be inspired by them to try out the Wood Shop Studio. Drew Doggett, critically acclaimed Photographer, Explorer and Conservationist
will be presenting his works in a 50 minute talk in partnership with the Cultural Center.
We also have a show by Kent Krebeck and Wesley Carter, and back by popular demand
is our “Paradise Paint Out” where visiting artists paint sites all over the Reef, then show
their work.

There is truly ’something for everyone’ at the Art League. Whether you want to get hands
on and learn something new such as Nantucket Basket making, which by the way has
been so popular we’ve gone from twice a season to every month; learn the basics of painting,
learn how to research your genealogy, create useful and beautiful stoneware… or just attend
a lecture, or view a show, we have you covered. My personal favorite has been some of the
excursions off the Reef to see great performances and locations.

We even have a Book & Lecture Club! I’m prejudiced because reading is a favorite hobby
and I love hearing other people’s take on a book and I’m particularly excited that since we have
made it clear that if you haven’t read the book, we’d love you to come and hear the discussion,
we have seen an increase in participation. A simple one hour indoors at 4:00pm once a month might introduce you to a new read and some new friends.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the ongoing support of the incredibly generous Ocean Reef Community Foundation. We are so thrilled they see Art and those pastimes as an important part of our genuinely unique experience as Members of Ocean Reef.

Come and see for yourself. We are open to everyone at the Reef and it might be the only club
with no wait list with over 600 members.