by Richard Weinstein, COO and President, Ocean Reef Community Foundation

What I wish for you this Holiday season is less smoke and mirrors, and more bells and whistles. More clouds with silver linings and all the good things that come to those who wait, because Lord knows you have been waiting long enough. May your children’s and grandchildren’s toys come already assembled and may all your batteries be included. May other electronic devices be fully charged.  I hope that it turns out you really do have a long-lost relative from Monrovia, a winning lotto ticket from England and a Banker from Sierra Leon and they aren’t just an internet scam but have been sending out all those emails because they were truly searching for just you! As I think of it, I hope your existing car warrantee also never expires…

May your tree be straight the first time you put it in the stand and may all the pieces of gift wrap that you cut be the right size for the package you are wrapping. May you get the parking space closest to the store and then find exactly what you are looking for, in the right size, the perfect color all on the same day it went on sale. May you avoid all that and shop online and have a smooth checkout after spending 20 minutes carefully selecting the exact right items into your shopping cart.

May all your ornaments (that you wished you packed more carefully last year) still be intact and may you find enough room for them all on this year’s tree. May you find a twenty-dollar bill folded in the pocket of the jacket that you haven’t worn since last Holiday. May your house survive another 8 days of Hanukkah candles without burning to the ground and the wax from those candles be dripless and may your dearest Uncle please, please, please not tell that same story again this year.

I hope you get that coveted 7:30 p.m. dinner reservation and that you finally win at Family Bingo. May your favorite auction item for the Ocean Reef Community Foundation’s All Charities Weekend magically appear in the catalogue and you’ll have the winning bid come this February 11-13, 2022.

May all your clients solve all their problems before 3:00 p.m. on the day before you leave for Ocean Reef. And lastly, may you always have a tissue in easy reach when you need it the most…and Oh yes, I do wish you and yours a Happy Holiday season.