By Richard Weinstein, President & COO
Ocean Reef Community Foundation

What if we had a really good All Charities Weekend. I mean really, really good, so good that we were able to raise infinite dollars? That sounds wonderful but the first question would be how do we share it? You may not be aware but there is a formula in place that already defines how the funds raised are apportioned among the not for profit organizations at Ocean Reef like the Medical Center, Cultural Center, Art League, Academy, ORCAT and the Ocean Reef Conservation Association (the other ORCA). There is also a portion that is distributed by the Ocean Reef Community Foundation to non-profits in the surrounding communities of Key Largo, Florida City and Homestead. That distribution outside the gates is determined through a grants process and overseen by a committee of Equity Members.

So if one of the organizations is to receive 5% of the funds how do we calculate 5% of an infinite amount? Would that also equal infinity? What if we have infinite dollars and you come into the office the next day and donate another dollar? Now do we owe that organization infinity plus five cents? And if we have infinite dollars do we need to have an infinite amount of time to distribute those funds?

It reminds me of being a kid and someone would say “I’m rubber and your glue…” you know how the rest goes and it goes back and forth until someone finishes it with .”…whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you…infinity” this of course continues to escalate with infinity times two, then infinity, infinity. This then goes on for infinite variations, or; until it’s time to go home for dinner, whichever comes first.

Buzz Lightyear from the Movie “Toy Story” said it best, “To infinity and beyond”. It’s the “beyond” part that is the catch. Turns out Infinity is not a number in the way we think of numbers like 1,2 and 3,472. It is a concept, a way to express the idea of going on without any limitations. So while you can always add one more, that addition doesn’t change the outcome of going on without limits.

Maybe we can’t raise infinite dollars for All Charities this year, but we certainly can focus on the idea of adding on one more dollar. And if we do that enough times, if you bid on an auction item just one more time beyond your original plan, donate one more bottle of wine to the auction or raise that paddle just one extra time, then we will definitely have a really, really good All Charities Weekend.