Wherever you want life to take you, we can help define it for you and get you there, in style. Haute Explore is a global luxury travel & lifestyle consultancy that operates 24/7 in a highly personalized, discreet manner to meet all your unique needs and ever-changing demands. We’re working on some incredible trips for the 2023 All Charities Live auction line-up and we’re excited to share more as the big event gets closer… A Sicily Getaway for Two and 12 Nights in East Asia for Four (Istanbul/Sri Lanka/Maldives). We have cultivated a rich operating culture that is designed to deliver a highly personalized level of service and expertise. We help to curate simple experiences well as complex milestone moments.

Haute Explore Luxury Travel & Lifestyle is committed to delivering authentically local experiences in each travel destination leveraging our extensive global expertise with every request. Whether it is recommending something off the beaten path, hard to access sporting, music, fashion venues or moments curated to the specific needs of our guests, we have a global network of local experts to deliver unique experiences catering to the desires of each of our clients who travel with us.

We believe the needs of the well-travelled start well before the plane takes off and does not end when you land. With you in mind, we created a full-service experience that is dedicated to curating the most unique travel opportunities as well as providing access to the best in life’s experiences while traveling and at home.

This includes but is not limited to:
•Family/multi-generational travel planning;
•Corporate and Incentive trips;
•Dedicated 1:1 travel services with full conflict resolution 24/7;
•Special celebration planning;
•Global travel advisory services;
•Global Medical advisory and consultation services.

Let us help you to get lost!
Contact: Sandy@HauteExplore.com / Gregory@HauteExplore.com
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