As the worldwide leader in private aviation, NetJets knows travel is much more than the destination. We have proudly partnered with the Ocean Reef community for 12+ years to provide safe and seamless travel for residents and their guests, whether for relaxation, recreation, work, or any other need.

With NetJets, Owners know that our priority is always—without compromise—safety. It is what makes relaxing in a cabin seat feel like home or evokes a thought of Already? when touching down in your destination.

Because when we prioritize safety, it means we are continually setting—and exceeding—industry-best safety standards. We do this through highly proactive maintenance practices and unique-to-NetJets protocols, such as single-aircraft expertise and a nonpunitive policy when Crewmembers conclude that alertness is jeopardized. This is what really makes travel comfortable, restful, and enjoyable—knowing that you are in experienced hands, with every detail meticulously accounted and cared for.

For many Owners, their NetJets relationship spans decades—sometimes even generations. It means we get to know you and your needs in anticipation of your next flight request. Whether it is a favorite newspaper on board, a specific drink preparation, or even just the right cabin temperature, knowing these preferences and finding ways to exceed expectations is always top of mind for all NetJets employees.


Explore how NetJets can enhance your travel to and from Ocean Reef at The QS Aircraft Tour on February 11 from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. at the Ocean Reef Club Airport. You will be able to step aboard some of our most popular, luxurious jets: the Embraer Phenom, Cessna Citation Latitude, and Cessna Citation Longitude.

And for a personal consultation on a premier NetJets travel solution, simply contact your dedicated Ocean Reef Sales Executive.

Cory Valentine