By Yurianna Mikolay, Executive Director, ORCF

People have their preferences and getting to enjoy things your way makes life more pleasant.  As this E-Link brought to mind, not everyone wakes up with a thirst for coffee. Lots of folks are now participating in Dry January or abstaining from alcohol all together. Dietary requirements are common and complicated.  I hear some of us are now even fasting well into the day.  With a hopeful eye to the future, it made me wonder how community preferences might help us plan better events.

Over the years the Foundation has offered many philanthropy-inspired events in a variety of formats, and we aim to provide them in ways that work for you.  Looking over paper issues of The Link recently, I noted a number of gatherings offered to relay philanthropic issues, mentoring opportunities, estate planning expertise and Donor Advised Fund investment options with breakfast, lunch and cocktails.

To my way of thinking, two highlights were a lunch presentation with The Almanac of American Philanthropy author Karl Zinsmeister (pictured) and light breakfast offerings with a talk by Toxic Charity author Robert Lupton. But we’d like your opinion, and I don’t know that we’ve ever actually asked.

As we begin to ponder in-person events again, please take a quick moment to rank the food and beverage options for Foundation educational presentations to help us maximize their appeal. Listed in the dropdown fields below are four options. Please rank them from your most favorite to your least favorite and we promise to plan an upcoming event in the favorite format. Thank you!