by Meg Dieppa, Vice President, Senior Sales & Risk Consultant 
Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client Services 

As many of you can likely attest, we are in the middle of the most challenging personal insurance market in a generation, and Florida is seeing some of the worst of it. With rates increasing and cancellations becoming more frequent, families are seeking partnership and guidance more than ever. To help provide clients with valuable data-based insights and education, Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client Services (MMA PCS) recently published the largest study to date of the private client insurance segment.

We’re happy to report that one key finding stood out among the rest – MMA PCS has been successful in mitigating some of the negative impacts of the current market. Access the full Private Client Insurance Benchmarking Study to learn what clients like you have experienced in the hard market, the decisions they are making as a result, their top concerns, actual insurance program benchmarking data, and more.

As always, MMA PCS is here as a partner to help ORC members make informed risk management decisions and navigate your future with confidence.

Read the Private Client Insurance Benchmarking Study here>>