A longtime partner of the Ocean Reef community, NetJets has been providing premium private aviation solutions to the world’s most discerning travelers for over 60 years. With safety and service as its guiding principles, NetJets aims to make every flight exceptional so that you can enjoy each journey as much as the destination. And with unrivaled access to over 5,000 airports—including the Ocean Reef Club Airport—the travel possibilities are endless.

While NetJets is best known for pioneering the revolutionary concept of shared ownership, it offers multiple advantageous ways that you can begin flying today. Whether you are interested in a long-term travel solution or simply curious about trying private travel, NetJets’ wide range of customizable programs can be tailored to fit your unique circumstances.

The NetJets Card™

Ideal for those who would like to explore flying with NetJets without any long-term commitments, the NetJets Card is a one-time purchase with a multitude of benefits. Simply prepay for a set amount of flight time in 25-hour increments on a specific aircraft—such as the newest addition to the NetJets Card Program™, the bestselling Cessna® Citation Latitude®—with the flexibility to downgrade your aircraft for any trip.

The NetJets 25-Hour Lease™

NetJets’ newest lease option features the cost predictability that customers love from its popular NetJets Lease™ but with the flexibility to commit to just 25 hours of annual flight time rather than 50. Enjoy reliable access to the aircraft of your choice from a diverse fleet of nearly 1,000 jets, but with the added benefit of fewer restrictions and a lower hourly rate than the NetJets Card™. With no waiting period, you can select your jet today and step aboard tomorrow. Compare the advantages of the NetJets Card vs. the NetJets 25-Hour Lease.

Speak with a private aviation expert today

Call 877.538.8960 for a personal consultation. NetJets’ experts will guide you through the details of each program and work with you to identify an optimal solution for your travel needs.

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