By Richard Weinstein, President & COO
Ocean Reef Community Foundation

There are signs that let us know when summer is approaching, like having to turn the clock ahead and, further north, seeing the trees start to bloom. There are also signs of approaching summer specific to Florida, like afternoon thunderstorms, rising temperatures and, notably, the end of stone crab season.

Here at Ocean Reef, we also track things by the season. Summer is called the “Off Season,” but I think it’s because that is when the mosquitoes come out in force and you have to spray on the “Off” to keep them away. You can also tell summer is approaching at Ocean Reef as you look just beyond the gates and see the car carrier trailers lining up down the road … and as that happens we all remark that it seemed to go by so fast!

The generosity of the Membership for our All Charities Weekend 2023 enabled the Ocean Reef Community Foundation to provide the largest distributions to our not-for-profit organizations here at Ocean Reef and fulfill the largest distribution to more charities in the Upper Keys, Florida City and Homestead communities than ever before. This shows the passion that the Membership shares to ensure this special place and the surrounding communities remain vibrant. More importantly, this commitment to philanthropy says, like nothing else, “This is Home.”

In most Members’ cases, however, it is not your only home. As you prepare to return to your “Northern Home,” know that you can still participate in supporting the Ocean Reef Community Foundation by turning to our Preferred Partners even when you are not at Ocean Reef.

That means you can (in no particular order other than alphabetical):

  • Have Baer’s Furniture ship a room, a patio or a whole houseful of premium furniture to your door.
  • Be sure to utilize the expertise that Baptist Hospital brings to the Ocean Reef Medical Center to keep you healthy and fit!
  • Enjoy a Barton and Grey Mariners Club Membership with a fleet of Hinckley yachts up and down the eastern seaboard and in the Great Lakes.
  • Attend a John and Mary Lee Fine Wine Society event across the globe.
  • Travel across the globe with luxury travel consultants Haute Explore.
  • Buy your special occasion jewelry and gifts from Lester Lampert, who donates an additional 20 percent of all Ocean Reef Member purchases, all year long, to our All Charities event.
  • Buy a Lexus from Lexus of Kendall or Lexus of West Kendall and enjoy your travels to return “up north” in your new world-class vehicle.
  • Insure all your valuable assets wherever they are in the world thanks to the private client services of Marsh McLennan Agency.
  • Fly home, or anywhere you desire, with Net Jets’ private aviation for business and family.
  • Take the next step in your wealth management planning with Northern Trust (they even have “North” in their name!)
  • Then relax on a Seabourn cruise, from 7 to 140 days, close to home or anywhere on the Seven Seas – a luxury maritime safari!
  • Before you leave Ocean Reef, stop by Sotheby’s Ocean Reef Club office and consider looking at a new property … perhaps one with even more room for family next year (or at least more room to park another golf cart!)
  • Spend some time on the fully restored 1971 Trumpy Cruiser Somerset, watching the sunset (an hour later) and thinking about how lucky we all are.
  • Sign UP for a membership with Wheels UP as they provide individuals, families and corporations with memberships to fly privately.

There is so much that our Preferred Partners help us to accomplish for our surrounding communities that are near and dear to our hearts, let’s help them accomplish their goals by returning that support whenever you have a need.

For those who don’t go quite as far north … I do recognize that Miami/South Florida is the only place in the country where you have to go North to be in the South. Short of having a golf cart bumper sticker that reads, “My ‘Northern’ Club is Card Sound,” whether you are traveling near or far, or even staying at Ocean Reef all summer long, we are thankful for your generosity and look forward to seeing everyone back here shortly after stone crabs are back in season!