By Richard Weinstein, President & COO
Ocean Reef Community Foundation

“Do this one simple thing….”

“Everyone who wants more in 2024 is doing this!”

‘This is so good it should be patented!”

“This simple secret will change everything!”

… Ah, if only those clickbait advertisements were true. They’d make new year’s resolutions much easier, for one thing.

Sometimes I wonder, particularly because I have never clicked on one of these ads (not even the one where the government promises to pay for my new solar roof if I live…here). But what if they were true and we were all just missing out?!? And what if my long-lost random relative from Cameroon, who definitely trusts me to manage those family millions that they won in the European Lottery, is just waiting for me to confirm my bank account so he/she really can wire me the money?

I mean, if every clickbait ad were true, I could be … a fat-burning, healthy living, energy efficient, tax exempt, perfectly invested, rebate-driven, family-focused, free-range kind of person. What a difference! I would have the perfect metabolism and amazing abs, all easily acquired in just minutes, which would then provide hours left in the day for… well, I suppose, looking in the mirror to admire the amazing results.

Yet, if there really is just one thing that we could all do to “make a difference,” I suppose it is that one thing we do for someone else. Nothing else gives the same sense of satisfaction as knowing that you made a positive difference in someone else’s life. Sometimes it’s as simple as providing good advice, some mentoring, and a bit of emotional support. Other times, it’s the lift of financial assistance, perhaps as a direct donation, or indirectly, though a fundraising auction like our All Charities Gala Weekend, underway right now.

I suppose this is where I would add my clickbait advertisement:

“Click below to see the only charitable donation that can improve your life at Ocean Reef and foster miracles in the lives and surrounding communities where Ocean Reef’s Associates and their families live!”

Then again, if it’s true, is it really a clickbait ad?

Because it IS true, here’s your opportunity to do that “one thing.” Bid now at We even added a new direct donation option in the Silent Auction so you can just make a donation instead of bidding on an item or experience, knowing those funds will support the Ocean Reef Community Foundation’s Mission as well as the endeavors of ALL the All Charites Recipient Partners (the Medical Center, Cultural Center, Academy, Art League, ORCAT and Conservation Association).

Go ahead! Click this link and watch the world change around you: