By Richard Weinstein
President & COO, Ocean Reef Community Foundation

Cold hard cash. That is a good thing but if it gets too cold, say below 32 degrees, then you get frozen assets, not a good thing. It seems that depending on how hot or cold something is, or even whether it is hot or cold, it can be something good or something not so good. Take sales prospects – hot prospects are good. Similarly, if you are hot on the trail that is also good. But hot merchandise… not good at all! The trail goes cold. The prospect is cold. Not what you want to hear. Coming in from the cold, however, is always welcome!

Not that any of this is worth getting hot and bothered about. The band Foreigner had two very popular songs (“Hot Blooded” and “Cold as Ice”), and we know the Rolling Stones clarified exactly how they felt singing “I’m So Hot for Her” and “She’s So Cold.” Even when we are injured, likely from playing pickleball, it is not clear if you put on a hot compress or cold pack (Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. We are not doctors… but cold first, then hot later.)

We are ten days out from our All Charities Gala Weekend and believe me, the heat is on! The auction catalogue is Hot off the Press and ready for your perusal. Looking over that catalogue for the first time is a bit like standing on the first tee of the golf course. Right then, at that very moment, everything is possible. This could be an amazing round of golf… this could be the best auction ever! Not just for the Foundation, but for you! This year we have added more First Dibs items and widened the price range for them. We have some long standing favorite experiences and a range of new and exotic options as well. From the travel experience that you never even knew existed to simple and fun ways to gather with fellow Members for dinner; and so much more…

This is the time to look it all over and imagine the possibilities, start a bidding strategy, plan a coordinated team approach, prioritize what you desire most. Once you have identified those items and experiences, don’t let the trail go cold. Start bidding and hold onto that initial excitement when you first saw it in the catalogue, remember that when the bidding climbs just a bit higher than you imagined, know that you chose the right item and it is being bid up because it is desired by others just as much as you. It is all up to you. You can prevent them from taking it away. You can send them a bold message by simply and quietly raising that paddle one more time or resetting your max bid on the website.

Know that in the end all this benefits the non-profits at Ocean Reef and the many charities in our surrounding communities. And don’t worry if your hands get cold while placing your bids, as long as you don’t get cold feet. You know what they say, “Cold hands, Warm Heart.” That’s what the All Charities Gala and the Ocean Reef Community Foundation is all about because we are, after all,  the Heart of Ocean Reef.